With a motor 3x faster and 35% more powerful than the original model, the Fein oscillating multimaster is easily a grade above the rest. Combining maximum and effortless work output with limitless functionality, the multimaster is the only choice for all your cutting, sanding and scraping work. The ultra-soft grip zone and lightweight build allows for optimal handling and minimal torque. To significantly increase comfortability, the beautifully German engineered multimaster is equipped with a gearbox built separate from the motor. This decreases the vibration and operating noise substantially. This also allows for an increase in swinging degrees so that more work is done at a quicker pace. Whether you’re a novice or a professional, put all worries to rest with the simple but adequate operating system of the Fein oscillating multimaster.

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  1. richard lapointe asks May 23, 2022

    i am looking for parts for multimaster FMM250Q

    1. BIS Customer Service answers May 24, 2022

      For parts, we recommend reaching out directly to the manufacturer, Fein. They can be reached here:

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