With a motor 3x faster and 35% more powerful than the original model, the Fein oscillating multimaster is easily a grade above the rest. Combining maximum and effortless work output with limitless functionality, the multimaster is the only choice for all your cutting, sanding and scraping work. The ultra-soft grip zone and lightweight build allows for optimal handling and minimal torque. To significantly increase comfortability, the beautifully German engineered multimaster is equipped with a gearbox built separate from the motor. This decreases the vibration and operating noise substantially. This also allows for an increase in swinging degrees so that more work is done at a quicker pace. Whether you’re a novice or a professional, put all worries to rest with the simple but adequate operating system of the Fein oscillating multimaster.

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  1. Linda Hazzard asks Jul 24, 2022

    need an adapter for our new MM500 Plus fein tool so that we can use our older style attachments & blades

    1. Brandon Cook answers Jul 25, 2022

      The blade systems from Fein were made to be backwards compatible, meaning that the new blades will work on older, existing models, but the old blades will not work on the new model Multimasters. The MM500 should take any Starlock/Starlock plus mounted tools/accessories. According to Fein, they do not make an adapter that will allow use of older style blades unless they're Starlock/Plus. I hope this helps!
      Thank you for your inquiry!

1 Item

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