Layered and trapezoid sheet metals, steel plates and profiles all require strategic cutting solutions. FEIN has understood what it takes to work sheet metal since 1927. From this long-standing background comes a wide scope of products that are top notch in their differing qualities and designated job types. Smaller nibblers are the most adaptable tools with unrivaled curve cutting accuracy. Metal shears consolidate speed, heartiness and unwavering quality. And slitting shears are perfect for cutting without chip loss. Regardless of their claim to fame, all FEIN metalworking instruments are alike in a manner: They are impeccably intended for everyday problematic tasks.

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  1. Robert Bernardoni asks Aug 19, 2022

    Can a Fein BLK 1.3CS cut trapeziodal roofing?

    1. Brandon Cook answers Aug 22, 2022

      So long as the metal is 18ga or thinner, i don't see why it wouldn't. This is meant for corrugated materials, so i would think the trapezoidal roofing would fall under that category. Material thickness aside, the only challenge i could see would be getting the tool at the right angle to make the cuts . With the design of the head of the tool, you can rotate it 360 degrees if you get to a point where the tool is bottoming out or difficult to get the range of movement needed. For further assistance, please feel free to give us a call 314-773-5999, or Fein 800-441-9878 for technical support. I hjope this helps. Thank you for your inquiry!

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