Dust Extractors

FEIN dust extractors are effective, solid, and surprisingly quiet. Vacuum execution is measured by static water lift. With water lift ranging from 90 to 99 inches, FEIN dust extractors yield far more prominent suction than all other manufacturers. Even more impressively, at an abnormally low 60 decibels, they are far less noisy than other vacuums. Intended for substantial and consistently heavy use, every FEIN dust extractor utilizes twin-fan turbo cooling to elongate engine life. Every model is usable wet or dry and comes complete with built-in adornment channels that catch even the most minuscule particles.


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  1. Sam asks Nov 28, 2022

    anyone around to fix a Fein vacuum model 9.55.13. smoked and lost power while sanding a deck. quickly pulled plug. Hate to give up on it, it has been so fabulous.

    1. Brandon Cook answers Nov 30, 2022

      IF you've had it less than 3 years, you may still be covered under warranty. If so, contact Fein directly for warranty support. Otherwise, they will repair it at a cost. Usually it's close to what they cost new. We do not have anyone on site who could fix it for you, however, if it is beyond warranty and you'd prefer to have it repaired, id imagine your nearest electric motor shop could do it the cheapest. Here are some links. Follow the appropriate link for the best results.


      I hope this helps.
      Thank you for your inquiry!

  2. Jim Serino asks Jul 18, 2022

    I cannot find a good comparison of what makes one turbo 2 model different from the other. Also, can I get the turbo 1 with HEPA?

    1. Brandon Cook answers Jul 19, 2022

      The only real difference between the TI and TII models is the collection capacity. 5.8 gal for the Turbo I, 8.5 gal for Turbo II, and 9.3 G for the Turbo II X models. The difference between the different Turbo II models is one is standard (non-HEPA) vac only, one is a set. Then there are the same offerings but HEPA version. The Turbo II X AC model has electronic speed control and auto-clean function. The other Turbo II X is a Wet/Dry model. The Turbo I is not available in the HEPA option. I hope this helps!
      Thank you for you inquiry!

2 Item(s)

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