Magnetic Drills

The FEIN magnetic drill line delivers an exceedingly dynamic and productive drilling process that is faster, quieter and unrivaled by traditional twist drilling. Core drilling is done without any predrilling which significantly speeds up the time of any single project by as much as 40%. Known for their high powered sustained performance motors, FEIN magnetic drills  complete all tasks with efficiency whether on site or in factory. The conveniently crafted line of mag drills were constructed to be lightweight and to minimize occupied workspace. The convenience bleeds over into the accessory change process with the variable stroke range setting that enables larger drilling tools to be switched without the removal of the magnetic drill.

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  1. bob argue asks Jul 26, 2022

    looking for drills that i can run a hoagan bit and change to jacobs chuck to run twist drills as well. can you give me a list of the drills that will do both. thank you

    1. Brandon Cook answers Jul 26, 2022

      It sounds like you're looking for a mag drill that can use something like a 3/4 Weldon shank annular cutter as well as twist bits? Most of our mag drills have the capability to change chucks and tool holders. Are there any other specs that might narrow down this list? Stroke length, diameter, rpm, tapping/reverse functions, etc. There are several options with varying speed ranges, stroke depths, and diameter capacities. If you'd like to send over a more detailed list of specifications, i could narrow that search down quite a bit for you! Please email our Product Specialist at [email protected]
      Thank you for your inquiry!

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