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One Chop Saw to Cut Them All

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Cut metal faster and safer. Utilizing the same technology as the Slugger 7” and 9” saw allows the Slugger 14” chop saw to do just that. Abrasive cut-off saws create heat and sparks during the cutting process. The Slugger 14” saw uses a metal cutting blade to quickly and cleanly cut through various metals. This type of blade creates very little heat and many of the chips created are captured within the tray contained inside the base.

Fein Chop saw

Some key features of the Fein Slugger metal cutting saw are:

  • Low speed high torque motor
  • High percision durable steel construction
  • Cast aluminum base
  • Quick release table/base clamp cuts 0° to 45°
  • Smooth bevel and angle cutting adjustments
  • Eye protection plate
  • Table/base clamp with quick release
  • Depth stop
  • Well balanced handle design for better control
  • Integrated chip collection

The quick release clamp makes securing material quick. The ability to switch out saw blades depending on the application is also a great feature, whether you are cutting angle iron or aluminum, there is a Fein blade to fit that application. The eye protection plate helps to keep sparks and metal away from your face while sawing and the base is adjustable up to 40 degrees to make straight or bevel cuts. The cast aluminum base is sturdy and the saw is solidly built all around.

One of our customers had this to say about the saw, “The saw cuts at angles very well, I use a digital protractor to set it and end up with a clean, straight cut at the angle I preset. If you don't push the blade like you would with an abrasive saw, it lasts a long time. I'm still on my first blade. I have made a welding bench out of heavy tubing and several brackets out of 2" angle iron, 3/8 inch thick. It goes through it like butter in my opinion and if you let the blade do the cutting and don't push it, the cuts are clean and straight. It cut through the angle iron at a 90 degree cut in about 20 seconds. Anyone can wait that long. I'm impressed with the saw, it is safe, has a nice vice, is adjustable and built well. I was not disappointed in my purchase in any way.”

If you work with metal and want a reliable job that gives consistent clean cuts and speeds up work time. The Fein MCCS14 Metal Cutting Chop Saw 14" is a need in any shop. To learn more visit Feintools-Online.com

Fein Tools for Every Application

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With unique experience gained from over 40 years of oscillation technology the MultiMaster and the SuperCut, a range of oscillating power tools which stand for application-oriented solutions and unbeatable load handling. There is a solution for every need: The SuperCut is the Specialist for glazing, finish carpentry, tile work, building sealant and automotive trades. The MultiMaster universal system for construction and renovation is the right choice for everyone who really values versatility. An extensive selection of accessories makes a wide range of applications possible.

FEIN MultiMaster

FEIN’s MultiMasters are incredibly powerful, reliable tools that can be used to complete any number of tasks. Thanks to their large range of accessories and their high-performance design, there’s almost nothing one cannot accomplish with a FEIN MultiMaster at their side. A starter kit is the best option for equipping oneself with a wide array of options for the next big project.

FEIN Supercut

FEIN’s line of supercutters is designed to make quick work of wood, metal, plastic, and more. Like the MultiMaster, a huge selection of accessories ensures that the FEIN Supercut is ready for any challenge and can be utilized for any project. It’s all about having options.

FEIN Turbo Vacuum

No matter what type of work you do, every project requires clean-up. FEIN’s turbo vacuums are spectacularly powerful, incredibly durable, and easy to move from one location to another. It’s important to keep the workspace clean as much as possible to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

FEIN power tools are the perfect accessory for the man who’s ready to take crafting and building seriously. These aren’t the cheap, flimsy power tools you’ll find at the nearest hardware store; FEIN power tools are built to stand up to the toughest tasks and deliver results for years at a time.

To see the full line of Fein products visit www.feintools-online.com

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