72228361090, Fein Angle Grinder CG13-150 Slide Switch 120V60H

72228361090, Fein Angle Grinder CG13-150 Slide Switch 120V60H. Handy 1,700 W compact angle grinder with large reserve capacity for efficient grinding and cut-off work.

72228361090, Fein Angle Grinder CG13-150 Slide Switch 120V60H

Handy 1,700 W compact angle grinder with large reserve capacity for efficient grinding and cut-off work.



  • Soft-start
  • Self-start lock
  • Jam monitoring
  • Electronic overload protection
  • Kickback control
  • Robust motor for daily use.
  • Durable with overload protection and long carbon brush service life.
  • Fast work progress with a powerful motor.
  • Extensive user protection with kickback monitoring, restart protection, soft start, and anti-vibration handle.
  • Drive head can be rotated by 90° for a wide range of applications.
  • Fast, tool-free changeover of grinding media: Rapid clamping is not included as standard in the scope of delivery.
  • High overload capacity thanks to direct motor cooling.
  • 13 ft, HO7 industrial cable.



  • Power consumption: 1,700 W
  • Power output: 1,010 W
  • No load speed: 9,300 rpm
  • Grinding wheel: 6 in
  • Elastic backing pad: 6 in
  • Mounting thread: 5/8-11 in
  • Cable with plug: 13.1 ft
  • Weight: 5.51 lbs



  • (1) Guard 
  • (1) Cutting Safety Guard
  • (1) Tool-Free Quick-Action Clamping Nut 
  • (1) Anti-Vibration Handle 
  • (1) Wrench


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